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How to Pitch Your Business Idea

Are you preparing to pitch your business idea at a competition? Then have a look at some of the tips and recommendations, which one of our trainers, Roman Gluck, had given to the participants of ClimateLaunchpad Moldova.

How to Find Your Perfect Customer

Рow to find the perfect customer for the product / service you offer in your startup? Here is what our trainers and mentors within the ClimateLaunchpad Moldova competition have advised to the participating startup teams.

How to Overcome the ‘Startup-Killer’

How to overcome the strongest ‘startup-killer’, namely the lack of market need and customer for the business idea? Our trainer and coaches at the ClimateLaunchpad Moldova Boot Camp have shared with us some solutions and pieces of advice here.

Main Reasons why Startups Fail

What do you think are the top three reasons why startups fail? Together with our participating startup teams we explored the answer to this question at the ClimateLaunchpad Moldova Boot Camp.

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